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Helpful Gifts for Graduates

  • February 26, 2024
  • Written by: Becca McMullin


Graduation is an exciting time! Graduates may be going on to more schooling, to a new job, or may not know what exactly the next step might be. The future is full of possibilities and it’s normal to feel a bit nervous. Give the gift of planning to help them sort it all out!  

Wherever they are in their after-school pursuits, an AT-A-GLANCE® planner, professional notebook or calendar can help give your graduate a sense of control and organization. It gives them a place to write down dreams, thoughts about the future, current accomplishments and help set them up for future success.  

While many people may use a smartphone calendar, a planner is more than just a spot to keep appointments and meetings. A planner gives the user a place to:  

  • Brainstorm dreams and goals  
  • Break down goals into manageable to-do’s  
  • Write down information they need to remember  
  • Plan projects alone or with a team  
  • Track habits, workouts and more 

Time management is one of the most important skills in life. If we manage what we have to do, we can create time and space for the things we want to do – activities that bring us joy and connection while allowing us to best use our talents.    

Review this gift guide for some gift ideas that will support your graduate now and throughout life.  

The Signature Collection  

Choose a Signature Planner or Notebook for your graduate. This collection was created for busy students and professionals who like a simple planning experience. They have large areas of open writing space and simple, yet stylish covers. Plus, high-quality paper resists ink bleed which helps prevent writing from bleeding onto the next page. 

Our Signature planners are available in both weekly and monthly formats, so you can choose the style that best fits your graduate. 

The Harmony Collection 

Give your graduate the gift of guidance. The Harmony Collection gently guides and helps users focus on the life they desire most. Your graduate can track goals, plans, notes and ideas throughout the year. And each month features a motivational quote to keep them inspired! 

Harmony Planners also include a storage pocket, premium paper that resists ink bleed, durable covers and colorful stickers to color-code plans, projects and goals.

The BADGE Collection 

The perfect gift for a fashionable graduate! The BADGE Collection offers durability and stunning original cover art. Inside, uncluttered layouts give your grad plenty of space to write out their plans on the thick, premium paper. They have colorful and sturdy tabs to quickly flip to the current month.

Like many of our collections, BADGE offers matching desk calendars and wall calendars, which are great for team or group projects. 

Encourage Your Graduate All Year Long 

Before you wrap the gift you’ve chosen, take time to jot down some little notes of support and encouragement throughout the year. Let your grad know that they’re in your thoughts!

Here are some ideas: 

  • I believe in you 
  • You are doing awesome! 
  • Any day you feel frustrated, call me! 
  • Sending you positive vibes today 
  • We are so proud of you 

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