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When you work from home, juggling your professional, family, and personal schedules is more important than ever. To help keep yourself sane and on track, tap into these expert planning and organizing resources.

Plan ahead, flex as needed

Schedule your work and family time your way with this Undated 30/60-Day Horizontal Erasable Wall Calendar for your work-from-home space. Erasable and reversible, this calendar is extremely flexible to allow you to plan on a 30-day or 60-day time frame. Write-on/wipe-off surface allows for changing plans (pretty handy right now!) and is perfect for collaboration with the other members of your household. 


Horizontal Erasable wall calendar
harmony at a glance notebook

Organize your life with a notebook

Stay on task while you WFH with a notebook that gives you space to track your goals, plans, achievements and more alongside your notes. The stylish AT-A-GLANCE Harmony Notebook with faux leather cover will help keep you organized like never before. 


Take charge of the month

Keep track of your monthly WFH schedule with the unique style of the Simplified by Emily Ley Collection. Whether you need to stay on top of meal planning, remote learning or Zoom meetings, the items in the Simplified by Emily Ley Collection will help you get it done.


Hand writing on Emily Ley monthly desk pad

Work-from-home planning hacks

Mission control

When you’re living, working, parenting, AND teaching all in one place(!), it helps to have a centralized area to keep track of everyone’s schedule. For example, use an erasable wall calendar in the kitchen to keep tabs on when the kids have key video sessions for school and you/your spouse have conference calls. 

Mixing business and personal

The line between office and home has become quite blurry these days, and it’s OK for your planner to reflect that change. You can use your planner more holistically to track your professional and personal goals and tasks. Many people even incorporate their mental health and well-being efforts into their planner. 

Go with the flow

Change is part of life, but right now we all have to f-l-e-x a lot more than we’re used to—sometimes on an hourly basis. Give yourself the space and grace when plans have to shift or change. Pencil upcoming activities into your paper planner, or use an erasable calendar to allow for changes on the fly.