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Plan for Spring Cleaning

  • February 12, 2024

Lady holding pink spray bottle cleaning her living room

Are you ready to wipe away the grimy buildup of the winter months? We are too! We’re excited for the season of spring cleaning to arrive.  

But where to start? How to begin? There’s no single “best” way to spring clean and there are many possibilities to choose from. Read on for some steps to get things kicked off and create your own ideal plan!  

Step 1: Write Down the Plan 

Capture your cleaning goals in your planner! Think about your approach. Do you want to go from the top to bottom of your house or work in one room at a time? You could even start outside and work your way in. It’s up to you!  

Once you have your plan, stick to it. Use your AT-A-GLANCE® planner to keep track of those spring cleaning goals. You can also hang up a wall calendar at home to communicate the cleaning plan to your family or roommates. 

Step 2: Prioritize Your To-do's

There are tons of cleaning tasks you could do for the ultimate spring clean, but be realistic about how much you can accomplish at once. Set your priorities. Determine which tasks need to be done right away and which can be left until later.

Browse through our spring cleaning ideas at the bottom of this article and pick the ones your home needs right now. Make a list in your planner and check them off one by one!

Step 3: Find Time to Clean

Don’t burn out on your cleaning schedule. It may help to spread the process over a few days or weeks. For example, set aside 15-20 extra cleaning minutes every day, plus an extra hour once a week. If it takes you three weekends or six weeks to finish your spring cleaning, that’s totally OK! Clean at your own pace. 

Step 4: Prepare Your Supplies

Check out this list of spring cleaning essentials from our sister brand, Cambridge® Planners. You’ll get a good idea of the supplies, tools and other items that might come in handy for the big clean.


Spring Cleaning Tasks 

Throughout your home: 

  • Check expiration dates on fire extinguishers  
  • Clean/disinfect trash cans 
  • Clean windows, screens, windowsills and blinds 
  • Dust books and shelves, décor and picture frames 
  • Open windows and screen doors 
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Shampoo/wash rugs and carpet  
  • Sweep and scrub floors 
  • Wipe walls, trim, baseboards and ceilings 
  • Wash floor registers and other vent covers 


  • Clean mirror, sink and drain 
  • Clean toilet, inside and out 
  • Clean out cabinets and vanity 
  • Discard old and expired makeup 
  • Polish faucets 
  • Update first-aid kits 
  • Wash bathmats 
  • Wash and/or replace shower liners and shower curtains 


  • Clean out dresser drawers 
  • Flip or rotate the mattress 
  • Clean underneath the bed 
  • Wash bedding, pillows and curtains 


  • Clean garage door and door frame 
  • Declutter tools, sports equipment, games and toys 
  • Replace batteries in garage door openers 


  • Clean and descale your coffeemaker 
  • Clean the dishwasher 
  • Clean the garbage disposal 
  • Check food expiration dates in fridge and pantry 
  • Clean oven and microwave 
  • Sharpen knives
  • Wash cabinet doors and knobs 

 Living room/family room: 

  • Clean television screen 
  • Sanitize remote controls 
  • Spot clean sofas 
  • Wash throw pillows and blankets 

 Office/work-from-home area: 

  • Organize files 
  • Disinfect your computer keyboard and mouse 
  • Shred any papers with potentially sensitive information 


  • Sweep porches, decks and walkways 
  • Pressure-wash the driveway/patio 
  • Wash exterior doors and siding 
  • Wash outdoor furniture