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Juggling All The Things with My Simplified Planner

Emily Ley Simplified planner and accessories from AT-A-GLANCE

Hi friends! Elise here from Polka Dotted Blue Jay. Pen and paper have always been my style; I love making lists and really love filling in my AT-A-GLANCE planner. This past year, we navigated a world struggling to get back to normal, and our family tried to hold onto the positive lessons of being together we learned from the shut-down of last year. Through it all, I relied on my AT-A-GLANCE planner to get my family back on track. Today I am sharing how I use my Emily Ley Simplified planner from AT-A-GLANCE.

Keep track of everyday life

Headshot of Elise Laney, DIY craft blogger and Simplified planner enthusiast

I normally wear a lot of different hats: mother, wife, accounting clerk, and craft blogger. This year was challenging, since the pandemic is still present, although things were better than last year. 

Using my AT-A-GLANCE Simplified Planner helps me manage all those different areas of my life and keeps me focused.

Yes, I even write down reminders to take our trash cans to the curb in our suburban neighborhood, do laundry, print activities to do with my son, and other household chores. I get great satisfaction being able to cross off things on my to-do list while also making sure I am taking care of my home and family.

Being able to brain dump all the things I need to do into my planner makes sure I get everything done I need to do and relieves me of some anxiety of trying to remember all the things. I also jot big goals or things that aren’t time sensitive in the extra pages of the Simplified Planner. There are a couple pages to choose from or you can write down your “extras” on a removable note and move it forward each month.

Focus on the positiveEmily Ley Simplified calendar focuses on positive

I added sending snail mail last year to my things to do and I still make sure I send letters to family and friends at least once a month. It has been something I have enjoyed doing and it also makes people happy to be on the receiving end. I have a recurring entry in my planner to send mail on the first Monday of the month.

It helps that my AT-A-GLANCE Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is full of cheerful colors and comes in the most beautiful covers. I chose “Happy Stripe” for 2021 and my new planner for 2022 will be the “Blush Key” cover. 

My 2021 planner happily included some of my traditional weekend activities and important and happy things to remember from 2021. The craziness of 2020 taught me to send birthday cards more often to far-away friends, which I continued this year, and to mark other important dates with my family and friends. I am also trying to keep the new habit of scheduling video calls with out- of-town friends and family, which was a great thing the pandemic brought us.

Why I chose the Simplified Planner from AT-A-GLANCE

I prefer the weekly layout of the Simplified by Emily Ley for AT-A-GLANCE planner. My day-to-day schedule between 7am and 4pm doesn’t have much variation, so I don’t need the daily schedule breakdown found in the daily version. I write all my to-do items as they come to mind, and check them off as I complete them.

Crossing off to-do items in the Simplified planner

I also like that this version comes with a whole month layout so I can see important days all on one page. It is so nice when I am looking forward to an event or date to see that it isn’t that far away.

Each Simplified planner from AT-A-GLANCE features a thin coil that allows the planner to lay completely flat for writing. Sloppy handwriting on the left side of my planner because of bulky binding is a deal breaker for me. The thin but sturdy coil also means the planner stays lightweight inside my bookbag or under my arm.

2021 Emily Ley & Dapper Desk Collection

If you’re looking for a planner to keep yourself organized, your schedule simplified, and yourself focused on the most important and positive things, consider the Simplified planner options from AT-A-GLANCE.

Video: Simplified Planner Flip-Through

Elise is the creator behind Polka Dotted Blue Jay, a DIY craft blog with easy-to-follow tutorials. Her mom bought her first AT-A-GLANCE wall calendar in 1996 and she was hooked. Elise lives in California and you can find her on social media (@pdbjay) for project inspiration, crafting tips, and fun.