Emily + Meritt The Weekly To-Do Weekly-Monthly Planner

No. EM104-905

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The Artist Star Weekly-Monthly Large Planner, EM100-905 By AT-A-GLANCE

Product Details

  • format: Weekly/Monthly
  • page size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • month: Jan - Dec
  • ruling: Unruled Blocks
  • binding: Wirebound
  • style: Planner
  • product license: Emily + Meritt
  • design collection: Colorful Moments

Keep your schedule on track with the signature style of this Emily + Meritt planner. The trendy pink cover is perfect for keeping organizing your schedule at work or at home.


  • The pink, textured paper cover has a darker pink date badge in the center
  • The Weekly To-Do Planner covers a 12 month date range from January – December
  • One week per two page spread has open planning space Monday – Sunday for notes reminders and appointments. Weekend blocks are half size.
  • One month per two page spread has unruled daily blocks and a notes section. Holidays are listed.
  • Each month is separated by a personality page featuring unique themes colors and designs
  • Each month is tabbed to quickly flip to any date
  • Planner features premium cream paper with red and green print
  • Partially concealed gold wire binding with flexible spine so planner lays flat
  • 8 1/2 x 11" page size,
  • Emily + Meritt became friends as students at UCLA, and started their career as brand builders and style makers on a pad of paper and with an agenda for success. Staying stylishly organized is how they multi task, dream and strategize, and believe what is on your desk can be as reflective of your personal style just as much as what you wear. For more information on Emily + Meritt visit www.thisisemilyandmeritt.com.

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