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  • style: Decorative Accessory

Stick on style with AT-A-GLANCE Adhesive Accents. These fun and colorful stickers will stick onto almost any flat, smooth surface to add a touch of color to binders, planner covers, notebooks, folders, tablet cases and much more. Express your own personality and style with Colorful Flowers and Designer Dots. Colorful Flowers contains 18 flower designs in different shapes and sizes for a floral burst. Designer Dots have beautiful, colorful patterns within assorted sizes of 33 different dots for a chic look. One order consists of one pack of either flowers or dots; cannot guarantee which will be received.


  • Adhesive accents adhere to almost any flat, smooth surface. Stickers easily embellish planner covers, notebooks, folders, tablet cases and more.
  • Includes 18 assorted flower stickers in different designs and colors
  • Includes 33 assorted dot, circular shaped, stickers in different sizes and colors.
  • Mix and match stickers to create a unique look
  • Only one design per pack. Cannot guarantee preference of dots over flowers or vice versa.

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