Quartet Executive Laser Pointer PDA Stylus

No. MP-1350Q

Color :

Product Details

  • SKU: MP-1350Q
  • style: Laser Pointer
  • class: 3a
  • laser beam type: Solid Dot
  • laser beam color: Red
  • projection distance: 500 yards

Make your point in style. This sleek, elegant laser pointer has a far visual reach for large venues. The red laser dot is easily seen on any medium.


  • Slim Class 3a laser pointer and PDA stylus projects visible red dot
  • Stylus is compatible with resistance screen devices only
  • Projects laser dot at a wavelength of 645Nm
  • Designed for large venues and usable on any medium
  • Matte silver aluminum body
  • Includes 2 AAAA batteries

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