Derwent Academy Deluxe 36 Colour Pencils Tin

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Derwent Academy Color Pencils are easy to use and come in a rainbow of colors, which makes them the ideal tools for an introduction to coloring, drawing and illustration. Made with natural wood barrels and quality pigment, these pencils transfer color to paper quickly and evenly. The round barrel offers freedom of movement and the generous and creamy core lays down smooth color. Pencils include a colored tip for quick, easy identification. Available in 36 versatile colors that blend beautifully together to create a range of additional shades.


  • Colors can be blended to create a wide range of bright and subtle tones
  • Round barrel offers freedom of movement in hand
  • Creamy core lays down smooth color
  • Color tip matches the core, which allows for quick identification.
  • Metal tin helps keeps pencils organized and secure
  • Colors include: Cream, Acid Yellow, Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Naples Yellow, Orange, Deep Orange, Red, Rose, Deep Red, Carmine Red, Bright Pink, Violet, Purple, Ultramarine, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Sea Green, Dark Green, Light Green, Jade Green, Olive Green, Lime Green, Yellow Ochre, Terracotta, Brown, Burnt Umber, Sand, Black, Gray, Blue Gray, French Gray and White.

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