Laminating Film

AT-A-GLANCE offers laminating rolls that are the affordable solution to your lamination needs. While laminating pouches are excellent for protecting sensitive documents, their small size limits their usefulness when you’re laminating large scale projects. When you need to laminate banners or a few hundred pages of handouts, you need the cost efficiency and size of laminating rolls.  Read more ›

Suitable for use with heat and pressure sensitive roll laminators, laminating film comes in one and two-roll packs. Roll widths of twelve to twenty-seven inches are designed to fit standard-sized laminators while providing up to five hundred feet worth of laminating material.


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  1. Size:
    27" x 500'
    $85.70 Sale
  2. Size:
    27" x 250'
    $47.99 Sale
  3. Size:
    25" x 250'
    $122.74 Sale
  4. Size:
    12" x 200'
    $167.24 Sale
  5. Size:
    12" x 500'
    $74.49 Sale
  6. Size:
    18" x 500'
    $82.10 Sale
  7. Size:
    11 1/2" x 200'
    $140.47 Sale

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