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Day-Timer® Flavia® Telephone/Address Tabs Desk Size  (Item # 09627)
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Item #09627
Day-Timer®Flavia® Telephone/Address Tabs Desk Size

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Keep names, phone numbers, and more in these charming full-color address/phone tabs. Features the warmth and spirit of Flavia Weedn, one of America's leading contemporary inspirational writers and artists. Includes inspiring messages that will remind you of those close to your heart.

  • 12 alphabetical tabs, 24 untabbed sheets
  • beautiful four-color imagery
  • heartwarming and comforting quotes

  • FORMAT Undated
  • PAGE SIZE 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
  • SIZE 6 x 8 19/32 x 19/64
  • BINDING 7 Ring
  • STYLE Loose-leaf Planner Refill

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