Use Your Planner Daily

Using Planners Every Day


You've purchased your planner, set it up, and studied its features and benefits. Now it's time to begin your daily planning process.

Keep it with you

The best way to begin using your day planner everyday is to simply just begin. A great tip for starting out is to carry your planner everywhere, to meetings, to the grocery store, and event to the coffee table as you watch evening TV. By simply making your planner omnipresent you will find yourself more frequently using it in different facets of your life.

Create a routine

To begin your planning process it's a good is to create a cheat-sheet that offers quick reminders. It might say: "1) list appointments; 2) list daily tasks; 3) review yesterday's notes;" and so on. At first follow the blueprint for your schedule to a tee. In time you will learn areas where you can be more flexible. Be sure to include time for planning throughout your day.

Commit yourself

The hardest part of integrating planning into your lifestyle is forming the habit. Learning a new planning system requires breaking old habits like working without a task list, not keeping a schedule, and writing notes on random slips of paper. Commitment is necessary, otherwise you may find yourself skipping steps and falling off the planning wagon. You will enjoy better time management and productivity when you've bought-into your personal organizer system.

Plan in daily sessions

Schedule a 15-minute daily appointment with yourself. Choose a time of day that works best for you. Many prefer to start their day by creating a plan, other choose the end of the day so they can get out of bed with a plan set in motion. Take this time to focus. Update your task list, prioritize tasks, set appointments, reflect on your goals, and review the previous day's unfinished tasks and accomplishments. Establish a routine for these activities that is the same every day. Plan, prioritize and review.

Process your information

An important step in daily planning is the processing of information. No planning system can exist without it, otherwise your information will become lost or difficult to recall when needed. Be sure to document key information such as appointments and tasks that resulted from the conversations, meetings and thoughts of your day. Be sure to process your notes frequently and avoid a backup of information.

Enjoy your success

As you continue down this path to better productivity and time management success, be sure to celebrate your achievements. While you're busy with daily planning activities it's easy to forget how much more organized you are than you were before. Remember, success isn't a destination, it's a journey. Enjoy your road to achieving your goals.