Tips on Taming Clutter in Your Email


Clutter isn't restricted to your living space or place of work-it's present in the digital world, too. There are several email organization tips you can use to keep email clutter from biting into your daily productivity:

Your Virtual File Cabinet: Within your inbox, create and use folders and functions such as color-coding and flags to divide, sort and conquer your email.

Can the Spam: Make sure to flag emails that sneak through the spam filter so that they will be properly dealt with in the future.

Day-to-Day Contacts: Create folders for each of your regular contacts. This provides a chronological overview of all communications and issues discussed with those contacts.

No More Newsletters: Don't subscribe to every newsletter you encounter. If you do subscribe to any of these, have a specific folder to keep them separate from other email.

Feed Me: Take advantage of RSS readers in lieu of subscribing to multiple email lists and newsletters.

Trash It: Don't hesitate to delete email that isn't useful or of value. Otherwise, you end up archiving them and the clutter starts to grow...AGAIN!

Act Now: Address the important messages at hand. If there's an opportunity to answer any email in two minutes or less, do it!

Get on the Schedule: Create a schedule or routine for checking email. Limit this to only 3-4 times a day.

Closed for Business: Keep your email program closed or, at the bare minimum, turn off your alerts and pop-ups.

Follow these tips on how to organize email and you'll be well on your way to taming your digital clutter. And, check out these digital and computer accessories to keep your devices safe and secure.