Keep Your Kitchen Organized and Save Money with a Kitchen Planner


Struggling to keep your kitchen organized? It's a common problem for most, but few solutions are as simple as the one we're about to show you.

Use a planner, journal or notebook to keep your kitchen in ship-shape condition. It's the best tool for making your meal planning and grocery shopping more organized and less tedious.

All it takes is a simple system.

1) Your planner: choose a planner, journal or notebook that has a year's worth of pages and can stand up to the rigors of kitchen life. Having dated pages is convenient, but not necessary.
2) Meal plan: once a week, Sunday, create a list of meals you will prepare in the week ahead. Break each meal down into the ingredients you'll need.
3) Grocery list: After each shopping trip, make an entry under the date of trip and attach your shopping list, your weekly meal plan, and your receipts. This information will prove itself valuable for planning your upcoming purchases.
4) Daily report: As you go through your week, update your planner with things you use, and things you need. Make a habit of tracking items you typically run out of quickly, like milk and eggs, as well as those you often waste because they get spoiled. This process will make you accountable to what's in your fridge and cabinets.

Give it a try today. Make yourself a kitchen planner and truly have a happy and organized kitchen.

More thoughts on your Kitchen Journal:

• Keep your list of staple items updated, making note of items that may be bought in larger quantities, or by generic equivalent for cost savings
• Maintain a master list of items purchased, including date of purchase and purchase price, to analyze your spending
• Create a monthly/weekly budget based on your demonstrated spending patterns
• Be sure to note items/brands you purchased but don't particularly like for quality, taste, or otherwise.

Using a kitchen planner is an important step to making better use of your time and money. Most importantly, it helps you plan your three main concerns, groceries, meals, and your sanity.

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