Easy and Effective Goal Setting: Get on schedule


Are you in goal-setting limbo? Your goals are set but you're no closer to them than you were the day before. It's probably not your fault. Most people don't know how to properly set goals and make progress toward them everyday.

Here's a simple goal-setting method you can use called "Building the Bridge" that will carry you from your goals to tasks in a few easy steps:

In Part 4, the final step of our goal-setting series, we help you make goal-related tasks a meaningful part of your everyday life.

We call this important step, Part 4: Get on schedule

In the previous step, called Break it Down you created an action list for each goal. Now, using a monthly calendar, you can integrate these goal-related tasks into your daily and weekly planner schedules.

Here are some suggestions:

• Keep your goal planning sheets visible while planning your week
• Freshen your commitment by scheduling at least one goal-related task each week
• Don't overwhelm yourself, space your goal-related tasks evenly over a specified time period
• On your calendar, be sure to write in due dates for your milestones and intermediate tasks
• Reward yourself: Place a checkmark on each day you successfully completed a goal-related task, creating an inspiring visual "string of success"

Follow your dreams!

This final essential tip is that you must believe enough in your goal-tasks to follow- through on them. Yes it takes discipline, and yes you will face procrastination and distraction along the way. But, to find success you must focus on the reason behind each activity.

Think to yourself, "it's not just another task, it's a stepping-stone toward that pot of gold!" (Or whatever end-point is your pot of gold.) And, once you can cross that item off your to-do list, the feeling of satisfaction is amazingly contagious.

Remember this: It takes just a little momentum to carry you through another successful day, and one step closer toward completing your goals. Now, go after your goals today!

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