Easy and Effective Goal Setting: Build Your Bridge


Are you in limbo when it comes to setting goals? Your goals are set but you're no closer to them than you were the day before. It's probably not your fault. Most people don't know how to properly set goals and work toward them every day.

Here's a simple goal-setting method you can use called "Building the Bridge" that will show you how to achieve goals in a few easy steps:

In Part 2 of our goal-setting series, we'll discuss the step of actually building the bridge, the activity where the name of this whole plan comes from.

Once your goals are set as we did in step one: Start Your Goal Smart, the next step is to find your way to the actual daily activities you'll use to achieve your goal.

Now, we must do Step 2: Build the bridge

Between your goals and tasks are the intermediate steps, the building blocks that make up the various ways you're going to get your smart goal done.

So, for example, if your goal involves saving money you need to discuss the ways you're going to do it:

Ask yourself "How can I achieve this goal?" and then write down all the answers that come to mind. Use a fresh page in your notebook or planner for each goal.

Here are some answers you might think of:

• Eat at home
• Budget expenses
• Pay bills on time
• Eliminate credit cards

Seems pretty simple right? But you have to remember that these are not tasks, these statements are intermediate steps. They carry clear directions, yet are not specific enough to put on your task list.

Now, take this exercise one step further and put these intermediate steps down on your calendar. Consider the amount of time each might take and spread them out appropriately over the period of time you've set for achieving your goal.

For example, you might want to be in the habit of eating at home without fail by the end of next month. Write that down in your monthly calendar. That's a milestone. Now, spread out your other milestones in a fashion that won't overwhelm you, but will drive you to get things done.

It's not hard to guess why this step is called building the bridge because these transitional steps bridge your aspirations into actions. This is where you make the money. It's what carries you from your goals into your daily and weekly activities.

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